Tuesday, July 19, 2011

We have our first peas out of the garden. They are so bright and green and yummy looking and were yummy with our dinner tonight too. We all sat and peeled them together. Rich was able to freeze 5 bags of them for later and we enjoyed one batch tonight and leftovers the next day. So glad we are getting more use of our garden this summer. I need to make more zucchini bread now too, I ate it everyday for a week and still want more. Thank you honey for being the green thumb in our family.

The girls all had fun and were well-behaved except for the fact they had planned on staying awake all day which kept me and the siblings awake too. So we only slept about 3 hours. So fun to see them all hanging out and lots of chattering and playing. The suite we got was perfect and roomy for all of us. Happy almost 13 sweet daughter of mine.
Love these pictures of them doing each other's hair. One of her friends kept saying take a picture or this would be a good picture to take. So glad someone else loves photos too.
These girls love to brush, braid and play with each other's hair. They even attempted to braid Sam's hair.
a EARLY morning swim before going home. It was so pretty with the sun shining.
Sienna told me to take this picture of them, this is her newest thing. I'm so glad she loves to have her picture taken now and smiles for me. Look how big they are getting.

Another picture of ME wearing new tank tops I bought at JcPenny's. I've never worn tanks like this before but love it now. I bought a couple other things but haven't worn them yet.
We went to a nearby stream and played, walked trail, collected rocks for an art project. It was fun to do this and we will again. Have to remember bug spray next time though.
Coloring on "HOT ROCKS" we got from the stream. Found this idea on the Simple As That blog. The kids and I loved it and are going to do more. The crayons melt onto the hot rocks and looks so cool.


  1. Your pics are so fun and makes me feel the moments. Great captures Dawn!

    Love that your daughter got to have a cool celebration like this. And that she wants her picture taken! That means you have to keep clicking until she gets to the phase when it's always the hand in front of her face.

    Fun crafts, fun times at your house! It's time i came to visit! =) (i wish)

  2. What a fun, fun party! Bailey is still deciding what she wants to do for her party!