Monday, July 4, 2011

Our new outside table and first meal there

We got our table today and I bought some new placemats and found stuff around the house to decorate it with. This is so nice already just taking this first step in eating outdoors. To some this is no big deal or they've done it for years. Not our family, I do not like fly's/insects/sun etc. so this deck has sat empty for 10 years. This is a huge step for us and we can't wait to have some meals outside and to try something new. I already have many plans on the table settings, so it will be constantly changing which is a fun thing. I have eaten out here twice and read, sketched, did paperwork and just sat staring at the sky/trees so far and it's only been one day.
Our first meal/dinner at our new table on the deck. We all loved it, except it was boiling hot out and we started to really sweat,lol...I used the self-timer to take this and so glad we have a photo of our first night eating outside. There will be plenty more of these this summer and fall. I told everybody to be natural so we were trying to look natural, lol The kids helped set and clear the table and even Lucky was laying under the table.
I even changed the table settings while the kids were sleeping to surprise them this morning. They love it and so do I. This table is going to have a lot of daily changes in the settings, lol.


  1. How sweet! Big step girl...great idea!
    I love how you try to "act" natural when you know you are having your pic's the oddest thing for me. I love the family pic...truly do!
    I hope the kids liked the surprise...=)
    Looking forward to more table decorations to come!
    Hope you had a good 4th. Ours was quiet since we've been at family gatherings Saturday, Sunday and again tomorrow.

  2. Thank you for your comment. It was funny to take our self photo, the kids wanted to laugh and play but I said first lets just take a normal one so hopefully we are all in it. The kids loved seeing the red,white,blue look the next morning. We had dinner out there and did school work out there. I'm still getting use to the fly's though.
    Our fourth was quiet enough, family picnic then the local mardi gras and swimming. You've had a busy weekend. Have a good week. Hugs.

  3. LOVE that you are all eating outside now! Get a fan that is on a stand to put out their to keep you cool! You will love it! All the homes in Virginia had them on their porches so that can enjoy the outdoors. LOVE the table decor too!