Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sumer's birthday and our trip to Waldameere

TODAY IS THE DAY MY LAST GIRL TURNS A TEENAGER!! God help me know with two teen girls in the house. It could get real ugly, lol... This is the awesome sign my sweet hubby made her and she saw walking down the stairs this morning. He did a great job on it. Summer has been waiting for this day since she was about 8 and wanted to be like her big sister Kristin. That's all she's ever wanted is to be like her and she is the one that is most like her personality wise too. She didn't want any pictures yet this morning because of her hair not looking "RIGHT" so maybe this week we will do some photos and I will do a post about her. Today we are going to Waldameere Park in PA for a day of thrills and slides and fun and sweat, it's going to be sunny and 91 and the downstairs a/c stopped working right before we left. Yep, that's the kinda luck I have sometimes. So here are some of the photos from our fun day below. IT was hard to get tons because we were always moving and the kids didn't want to waste time getting pictures in the heat either. We had a great time and I'm so glad we went. IT's been years since we've done an amusement park. The only thing we didn't get to do was some big roller coasters, maybe next time. I even did more rides then is normal for me and screamed my head off and laughed a lot.
Here is the birthday girl!! Didn't get too many pictures of her today in all the crazy of leaving. But this one totally shows her new "TEEN ATTITUDE" . She is my one that fits the sweet/sassy role perfectly. Only the sassy part is getting bigger and we both don't like it. So glad today was fun for her though and she will always remember turning "13" at the park.
I love her new color bands she just got of pink and yellow. They are so pretty on her
I am so glad I took this picture of my boys. It was between a fence railing and it came out great. Why will this one be a favorite of mine??? Because these two sneaky boys are standing by a "WATER BOMB" machine. I guess you can add some quarters in at the exact right time to soak the poor unexpected families on the water log ride. So of course they got us girls on our first time without them with us. We kept saying WHAT THE HECK when we got so wet and the other families werent' that wet around us. Well we went on again and they got us again. Rich said maybe some logs get wetter then others. Sam did good all day of not telling us this secret and then before going home all of them went on it and I stayed down to watch and hold our stuff. Well I found the WATER BOMB machine by accident and got some quarters and got them soaked. So I will always remember this when looking at this picture.
This ride I liked and didn't mind the motion. Think it was more a easier jerking then the Wipeout was. Did this one a couple times and would have gone more if given the time. Renee and Rich both didn't like this ride. Sam of course said no way!
YEP!! He is a crazy and funny guy of mine. HE loved screaming for the kids and Renee was taking the pictures of us. She did great!!
Rich and I went on the "WIPEOUT" and it was too much for me and my stomach got all knotted up afterwards. It looked like fun and it was with Rich there screaming his head off making me laugh and scaring the kids behind him. Too much motion though for me.
Rich and Renee were the first two to go on the "SCREAM" and loved it. I might give this a try!
So glad to get these pictures of them on "THE SCREAM" I didn't get the chance to go on since I always volunteered to stay down with Sam. They handled it well and couldn't scream because of the force of it just made them suck in their air. The view at the more then 100feet was beautiful they said though.
What a perfect picture to end the day with. Took me 6 tries to get this while driving home. I kept clicking it too late and got all the trees. So glad I stuck with it though. It was a beautiful day with my beautiful family.


  1. What an amazing day OMG I wish I was there with you. I love theme parks but not all that crazy about big fast roller coasters. But the ones I do go on I scream and scream and scream till the ride is over LOL.
    Love me :-)

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Summer! Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

    What a fun day you all had! Treasure the memories.