Saturday, July 30, 2011

Week in the 6 waterpark

How do these week fly by..... can't believe tomorrow is Sunday already. Today's total pictures is 65 which isn't bad, just very low amounts this week compared to last year's. I'm hoping to have enough for an album so still not sure what kind or how big it will be yet. I've also decided to wait a bit to put together and collect my thoughts more and see what other's are doing. We will also be busy this coming week and I don't want to rush it. Last year it took me a good 2/3 solid weekends to put together.

By the way I put my pictures in the wrong order, they go from night to morning. Sorry about that. Also going to share a few things I noticed today and wrote down on my worksheets.

* Lucky loves Summer sitting with him in the morning and he is still missing us from being gone yesterday at wedding.
*fruit prices went back up this week at store, dang it. didn't buy so much this week now
*Our pool water is green after we forgot to take cover off yesterday, Rich had to shock it twice today to help it
*Rich tried his first corn/cob fresh from garden tonight and says it was very good and should be ready for picking
*everyday Lucky leaves water drops on the floor after drinking and I have to wipe it up

Favorite moment:
Renee and Summer had fruit pizza again for breakfast
Summer watched a cute show "NOW AND THEN" this morning
Sam pulled out his own tooth, very happy and exciting
All of us joking at taking turns living at these huge houses we passed and the joking around on ride to water park.

We did have fun going out again today and my hope for us this summer was to visit more local parks/places this summer. Thinking of doing a mini album of this summer about our outings.
Hope everyone had a great day and enjoy your Sunday.

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