Monday, July 25, 2011

I always take a picture of Ali's blog in the morning during her projects. Love love to read her blog and all her stories and ideas. She is so awesome and inspiring. So happy she does this kind of daily life projects. I am excited and ready for this challenge, haha
Sam is the first one up as most days. He always has his blanket and a stuffed animal. So cute to see his glasses still on him. Now the day really begins when the kids are up.
I made it to the track this morning. So glad I did and it was perfect weather for it. I didn't want to bother the other runners so I snuck between bushes to bet this shot.
We all loved the new fruit pizza's and smoothies I made for breakfast. Lucky is hoping for a crumb to fall. No such luck, Renee ate every last bite and wanted more. HOORAY for this.
I finally took a picture of me today. The day has been fast and crazy. Not much writing and story's to tell yet.

I surprised the kids with bowling and taking their cousin Kayla. It was so nice to be out and to see Kayla again. She's home from college for the summer. I always have to do a shoe photo when we bowl. Such fun colors. Everyone did great and 3 of them even got a strike.

I am getting tired already. Has been a long day. Dinner is over so now the cleaning up begins and more laundry and sorting for yard sale. Lucky sitting in his favorite spot to watch me.
My hubby home and looks so handsome in his new shirt. I love this color with his tan.

I let Sam have a little treat since he cleaned up the shoes for me. I only had to ask him once and he didn't complain, hooray for this!!

My husband by his gorgeous garden and so happy about it. We always close our pool up at about 8 each night. So nice to have this moment with him and no kids around.

It was so nice to finally sit outside on the deck again and do some writing with my cute dog and the sun going down. Perfect end to a crazy first day of our week. The weather will be even cooler tomorrow before a another heat wave. Day one is done and I'm ready for bed.


  1. What a huge project to take on. I've wanted to do this to record my daily routine but never think I have the time. I'm going to try to do one day a month.

    Also, your hubby's garden is gorgeous!

  2. Gosh you had a busy day, my days have been so boring so far just work and sleeping... looking froward to seeing how you documented it all!

  3. Awesome photo's.. looks like you had a great day. I will post mine today as well. xx

  4. Love your pictures so much fun pretty much looks like mine w/all the fun Summer things :)

  5. in no particular order!

    1) how cute is sam in his glasses?
    2) breakfast pizza? yum!
    3) love that you walk. i am excited for the days when my schedule will allow more exercise.
    4) what a handsome hubby you have my dear...i see what you mean about the short! ;)
    5) love your new top! love the sleeves, the print and the fit at the bottom! and hey...i have those hand towels too in our bathroom!
    6) how sweet that you find time to put the pool up together and that you can enjoy the small moments you get together!
    7)glad you included the good, the funny and the laundry! those are the things i would tend to sugar coat...but not for PL or WITL!

    Loving day 1 and i see you already posted Day 2...sweetie, how can i keep up with you? =)

  6. Thank you everyone for stopping by and all your sweet comments. I love sharing this everyday life with you. This is what I wish my mom could have done for me.

    Andrea, thanks for all the recap of my photos, always fun to see what your going to say. How can you keep up with me, I can barely keep up with your posts either. haha

  7. Love the big black lab--they really finish off a family, don't they?

  8. Great photos! Love all the shoes lined up at the front door. I need to get one of these!!